By empowering women to show, first hand, what it is to work and flourish in STEM career environments, they are positioned in leadership roles for the next generation to see and aspire to be.

What distinguishes Teen-Turn is its focus on long-term interactions which include work placement and after school programming over several years, and the creation of networks amongst mentors and mentees through activity clubs.

A year-round program, school officers nationwide actively recruit and place candidates whom they believe will benefit most from Teen-Turn programming. As participants progress through school, they enter a vibrant alumnae network of young women in third level.

Over 44 companies now host the summer work placements, while an additional 11 provide mentors for after school programs. In fact, Teen-Turn offers an average of one women-in-STEM mentor for every 2 participants, with established relationships with 150+ company mentors since 2018.

This ‘Junior Cert to Job’ approach opens up significant opportunities for long-term impact, longitudinal studies and meaningful relationships between all participants; facilitated through e-newsletters, an online communications platform, and in-person events.


One of our most popular clubs, grinds sessions support senior cycle study and exam preparation.


Groundwork clubs are places to focus on your individual and personal vision of what you would like to do in the future, guided by mentors.