After secondary school, participants enter into our alumnae network–featuring meet-ups with fellow participants, mentors who are women working in STEM roles, and career advisors

Rather than introduce role models and career/education pathways through talks or company visits, Teen-Turn places participants into environments where they are individually mentored by women employed in STEM careers and where the possibility of continuing that relationship is made achievable through our alumnae network, which means there is support there for Teen-Turn participants from the day they join us on through to when they become working professionals and mentors themselves!

We stay connected with participants long after secondary school to help with qualification completion and to build a professional network.

Alumnae communications and opportunities are facilitated through an exclusive online program–a safe space* where networks of women-in-STEM at various stages in their careers (be it in the first years of third level courses or senior management roles) can share with one another approaches to mentorship, engage in dialogues about their industry as it is for women and as it should be, and communicate the importance of encouraging each other to succeed.

Call it ‘the new girls network’!


* participants must be over 18 to access


Be supported in the pursuit of qualifications related to your STEM interest and then provided the connections and social capital to develop a career from that interest.


Meet and form professional relationships with women in STEM.