One of our most popular clubs, grinds sessions support senior cycle study and exam preparation.

Until social distancing regulations are lifted, we will continue to provide senior cycle grinds to participants via our videoconferencing channels. Sessions last for 45 minutes, running from 4pm to 4.45pm and 5pm to 5.45pm on two of our channels Monday to Friday.

In many cases, these sessions are less about the subject and more about imparting techniques for studying and improving habits. However, the NCCA curriculum and Teen-Turn guideline materials are still provided.

Track one offers monthly “study hacks” where mentors work with mentees on one session from our toolkit of exercises categorized under the following themes: productivity, expectations, planning, stress, motivation and tricks-of-the-trade.

Track two requires a commitment to attend consecutive sessions, during which mentors work with mentees on NCCA core courses. Groups consists of no more than four students each, working in break-out rooms which separate from the main “meet-up” after instruction.

As these are student-led sessions, dedicated to the principles of co-creation, the group decides together what to work on within the subject guided by our toolkit’s selection of key problems and questions to solve. This approach is particularly effective for exam preparation as it develops observation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and decision making skills. Registered volunteers will be given the problem and question packet, including answers, prior to attending the sessions.

Always contact us firstly before attending any session.

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