AUG 15 TO AUG 19
Did you know that there are robots that can mimic the functions of the 
human arm? Robotic arms are becoming increasingly common in manufacturing 
where they are programmed to execute a specific task or job. In fact, 
every car on the road has been built in part by a team of robot arms. 
They have the ability to change people’s lives by doing the boring and 
dangerous tasks that people don’t want to do like painting, welding or 
dull repetitive assembly tasks. You’ll have the chance to learn about 
the fundamentals of robotics and automation by programming a robotic 
arm with IMR that can help us with precise and repetitive tasks.
First things first!

You will receive a robotic arm kit in the post from us, with an email sent in advance to let you know it’s on its way. Do not start without us as we’ll be taking those steps together and learning from the build along the way!


Did we mention that IMR is a great place to work?
Our people are a team of dynamic and highly innovative individuals 
that embody the Demystify, Derisk, Deliver culture at IMR.
Who are we, anyway? Let us introduce your mentors before we meet you!
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Recordings of our webinars this week can be watched here.

  1. Teaching robots to touch – Nature Magazine
  2. Could a robot take your job? The pandemic means more Irish companies are relying on automation.
  3. Robotics and automation degree to be launched in Galway
  4. New Cobotics Skillnet courses to address digital skills gap in Irish manufacturing
What's the story with IMR?

Irish Manufacturing Research is a manufacturing Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) that supports the Irish Manufacturing Sector to adopt cutting edge technologies in order to retain a competitive edge in a globalised environment. We work directly with industry partners to de-risk and de-mystify new and emerging technologies and to deliver high-impact collaborative research.

Due to the novelty of the technology IMR enables industry to address challenges that no-one has solved before. However, because we are so close to industrial application of these technologies, we have to make sure what we do works, that it is suitable for an established company and it has a reputation and existing production streams to protect.

IMR to get Irish workforce ready for industry 4.0

And what about the IMR team? What's it like to work with them?
Your Teen-Turn Lead Mentors this week: