Project Squad

Project Squad invites teen girls to create a science fair project, in keeping with the requirements of both SciFest and BT Young Scientist.


The sessions begin with brainstorming and then cover research methodology, project management, experimentation/data collection and results reporting.

2020 Sessions begin the week starting September 7th.


A finale, on the 13th week, culminates in poster presentations as part of SciFest. This year’s SciFest will be Saturday December 12th on the hopin virtual platform.

Days & Locations

Project Squad sessions begin the 7th of September

  • Longford ∼ 4-5:30pm Mondays on our online channel
  • Dublin ∼ 12-3pm Wednesdays on our online channel
  • Cork ∼ 4-5:30pm Wednesdays on our online channel
  • Thurles ∼ 4-5.30pm Thursdays on our online channel
  • Galway & Mayo ∼ 7-8.30pm Thursdays on our online channel
  • Limerick ∼ 3.30-5pm Fridays on our online channel
  • Dublin ∼ 4-5:30pm Fridays on our online channel

Sign up August 2021!

Mentors will be on hand with expertise in app/software development, biological, health, and medical sciences, social and behavioural sciences, research methods, demo-ing and presentations (particularly of pre-commercial prototypes and research).

If you have any queries or require more information about any of our activities, do not hesitate to contact us. We are also actively looking for women in STEM / women in STEM education role models to volunteer as mentors for any of our offerings.

Always contact us firstly before attending any session.

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