The Teen-Turn Advisory Board is comprised of representatives whose backgrounds include industry, education, social enterprise, and outreach experience and who are committed to furthering strategies that promote inclusion and opportunities for those marginalized by gender or social disadvantage.  

Rachel Ashe

Marketing Manager Hays Recruitment, provides marketing support to Epilepsy Ireland, lover of all things Tech and STEM 

Catrina Carrigan

Co-Founder Leanú Technologies, Creator Piano Rock Star, CoderDojo Mentor, Computer Applications Student DCU

Joanne Dolan

Start-up Consultant, Creator and former Program Leader Girls Hack Ireland initiative, Coder Girl Hack Day Organizer

James Milligan

Director UK – Hays Information Technology, Hays Digital Technology and Ireland – Hays Information Technology, Hays Digital Technology, Hays Talent Solutions

Susie O’Connor

Management Consultant, former Senior Government Advisor and CEO of a National Youth Organisation

Ann O’Dea

CEO Silicon Republic, Founder InspireFest

Niambh Scullion

Product Owner Watson Health IBM, Co-Founder CoderDojo Girls, Coolest Projects Implementation Team, Coder Girl Hack Day Organizer

Teen-Turn Leads are also integral to our organization, presenting our activities at events, conferences and to company representatives.

Our Lead Ambassador is Ciara Tunstead.

Our Lead Coordinator is Margaret Malone.

Our Lead Mentors in Cork & Limerick are Shane Hennessy, Harry McCann, Triona O’Donnell & Nicole Ryan.