Work Experience Hosting

2022 Work Experience Hosts

Teen-Turn alumnae, over the age of 18, who have participated in programming since secondary school are available for two week placements with host organisations during the summer of 2022.

Host organisations are asked to match each participant, ideally, with a female mentor or mentors, who is/are employed with the company, and the work placement will include participating in and/or observing a technology or STEM related project.

Hosts will pay participant travel and lunch costs, so that no participant is paying out of pocket for the experience. No other payment is required.

Hosts will detail the work placement in the Statement of the Terms of the Work Experience, assign an individual Employee to Manage the Work Placement to prevent risks to the safety, health and welfare of participants.

Hosts, on completion of the placement, will provide the participant a completion statement that will detail the experience/learning outcomes the employee acquired over the course of the placement.

Code of Conduct

Adults interacting with young persons are in a position of trust and influence. They should always ensure that young persons are treated with integrity and respect, and the self-esteem of young people is enhanced.

All adult actions in mentorship should be guided by what is best for the young person and carried out in the context of respectful and open relationships. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect of any kind or threat of such abuse is totally unacceptable.

• Please do not exchange personal information with the participants.

• Avoid one-to-one mentoring outside of work experience hours.

• Treat each person equally regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnic origin, cultural background or religion.

• Never use foul language or provocative language/gestures in the presence of a participant.

• Be positive so that participants leave with a sense of achievement and an increased level of self-esteem.

• If you witness any behaviour related to any of the participants that you find disturbing please call it to the attention of a Teen-Turn staff member immediately.