The below links are to surveys being conducted as part of research undertaken by our participants. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Surveys Project Squad 2023

Surveys! Help out our Project Squad participants by either sharing or completing their research surveys here:

1 to 10

Statistical Analysis on Social Anxiety and Isolation in Adolescents

Deodorant & Pollution

Childhood Trauma

Cultured Meat

Combating Homelessness – How Can Water Help?

Knowledge And Perception Of Sustainably Powered Planes 

Is following a vegan diet better for our bodies?

Vitamin Survey for teenagers and adults 

Texting and driving survey (Participants must be ADULTS who can drive)

Dental survey for PARENTS of children under 12

11 to 20

Analysis on Social Anxiety and Isolation in Adolescents

Heat protectant


Study Survey

Anxiety and Cool Down

School Canteens

AI & Mental Health

Parking Spaces

Why humans anthropomorphise inanimate words

Why humans anthropomorphise inanimate objects

21 to 29

Students: AI in the education sector

Teachers: AI in the education field

Why sometimes we find ourselves at home and eat out of boredom

New speed regulations

Where do Irish dancers experience pain

Calm rooms

How do you manage your waste?

Female adolescents perceptions on the dangers of acrylic nail extensions