STEM Inside Webinars

Zendesk Coding+

Coding with Zendesk Session 1 – Introduction to HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Coding with Zendesk Session 3 – Smart ways to search for code solutions

Coding with Dell

Coding with Dell & VMWare Session 1 – Introduction to Programming

Coding with Dell & VMWare Session 3 – Giving Presentations

Highlight: VMWare Senior Manager Gerry on keeping it jargon free when explaining tech during presentations

Coding with Dell & VMWare Final Remarks – Featuring Helen Walsh, Director, Premier Support, VMware & Bob Savage, Vice-President, EMEA Centres of Excellence and Cork site leader, Dell Technologies

Accenture Week

Design Thinking with Accenture Session 1 – Intro to Advanced Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking, shared courtesy Accenture

ResMed Week

Design Thinking with ResMed Session 1 – Introduction to Design Thinking


Highlight: ResMed Mentor Aoibhe on studying Biomedical Engineering


Highlight: ResMed Mentor Varuni on the value of working in groups as part of Engineering (and, what the heck is systems engineering)


Design Thinking with ResMed Session 3 – Women-In-STEM Q&A