Online Submission

The Submission Process for Your Team (updated from 2020 to include Demo & Journey)

(the below comes straight from Technovation themselves)

Log into your Technovation account and go to “My Team’s Submission”.

You will see a checklist on the left-hand side of your screen, as shown in the image below:

Click on each section of the checklist to upload that part of the submission.

Now let’s make sure that your checklist will also have those beautiful green checkmarks! Read on for helpful tips…


Review and agree to the honor code:

Next, upload a photo of your team, to put some faces, behind all the hard work!

If you don’t have a group photo, you can upload an image that represents your team instead. 


You’ve given your app a lot of thought throughout the season. This is where you’ll give a brief overview of your app. Make your message stand out!


Pitch & Demo
You’ll submit your videos in this section (remember to make it public or unlisted).

Upload up to 6 screenshots of your journey as well; give judges a good idea of the work you did!


You’ll first be asked to specify which development platform your team used to program your app.

Next, you’ll upload your source code:

This process will vary, depending on what development platform you used, so please read the instructions linked in our FAQ carefully! 



Senior teams will need to submit a business plan as well. They should be submitted as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and be written in English. Junior teams submit a user adoption plan.


View Your Complete Submission
Once your team has uploaded all the parts of your submission, be sure to click the “Review and submit now!” button.

The “Review and Submit Now” button will lead you to a final review page.

This is the last step but extremely important to do!

When you’re ready, click the final “Submit now” button.

Clicking “Submit Now” will officially submit your project to Technovation and ensure that you get judged and scored.

After submitting, you’ll see a message that says “Your submission has been entered for judging.”

You’ll have until the deadline to edit your submission, so we recommend you upload what you have as soon as possible.

Click the link to watch a video of this process:

Note: You can only submit if all team members have completed their profile. If one team member, or more, hasn’t completed their profile, you won’t be able to submit.

Common Submission Issues

Here are some reminders to prevent submission issues:
  • All team members need to submit a signed parental consent form.
  • Source codes need to be .aia or .zip files.
  • Pitch videos need to be made “public”. Adjust the share settings to “public” or “unlisted”.
  • Pitch videos need to be in English or have English subtitles. Even if you are speaking in English, it may be helpful to include English subtitles. Google Translate can help create these translations.
  • FOR SENIOR TEAMS ONLY: Business plans must be in English.

Show how strong our community is with app submission selfies 📱 💙

For months, your team has been working incredibly hard on your change-making app, and especially as everyday life has shifted in these challenging times. Help us remind teams who may be struggling to cross the finish line that they are not alone and that there is a global Technovation community cheering them on🙌

We invite you to participate in our app submission selfie challenge! It’s easy and fun:

1. Team members* may use any device to take selfies as they click to submit their projects by May 4 at 19:00 UTC.
*As many teams have members in different households, they can combine their selfies into a collage or better yet, they could have an app submission “party” where their team meets on a video platform and takes a screenshot of the moment they submit their project!

2. Teams upload their selfie to social media with the following:

  • A post description encouraging other teams to join in on submitting their apps. You can use any of these prompts:
    • ▶️ We just submitted our app to #Technovation2020 and we are cheering on other teams to join!
    • ▶️ We just submitted our app to #Technovation2020 and we can’t wait to see ideas from other teams too!
  • The hashtag #Technovation2020 
  • Our handle so we can share!:
Best of luck! Show the world what you’ve got!

-The Technovation Team