Teen-Turn Summer 2020

STEM Inside

Teen-Turn will be providing 4 different week-long STEM related activities that can be done from home but are intended for outside of school time.

The challenges will be spaced out by 2 weeks each (even though only a week’s worth of activity).

June 15 to June 19 Design Thinking

June 29 to July 3 Coding

July 13 to July 17 Problem Solving

July 27 to Jul 31 Kitchen Chemistry

Company partners will provide volunteer mentors and content. Some companies plan to incorporate a competition into their week and provide a prize!

The company “hosts” for each week will:

  • deliver the ‘kick off’ webinar for the week’s topic
  • provide mentors for small group discussions on our videoconferencing channels to work through the week’s tasks with participants (with members from our Garda Vetted team supervising)
  • prepare related content that we will post on a dedicated page on our website
    1. links to more information
    2. fun videos by employees about the topic
  • worksheets or activity instructions

All will be in keeping with child welfare best practice and confirming parental/guardian consent where necessary.

Grinds Club

May 25 to July 17

We will continue to provide Leaving Cert grinds to participants via our videoconferencing channels. Sessions last for 45 minutes.

There is a high demand for this service. In many cases, it is as much about the subject as it about imparting techniques for studying and improving habits.

Project Squad “Preseason”

August 10 to August 21

Responding to feedback from Project Squad participants from 2018 and 2019, we will offer two weeks of activities to facilitate the brainstorming, research and proposal writing required of science fair submissions.

In this way, those interested in participating in BTYSE will be better positioned to meet the end-of-September entry deadline.

Work Placements

October 26 to October 30

Due to uncertainties with respect to governmental timelines regarding social distancing requirements, Teen-Turn summer work placements have been postponed this year.

We are working with company partners on a plan to host students during the autumn school mid-term. This ‘micro-placement” would be for four days.