Zendesk is ready to introduce you to localisation!

Adapting a product for a specific market is not as simple as translating the language
To communicate with local audiences effectively, cultural elements must be incorporated
into the strategy. You may have to change elements of the product’s images, colours,
UI/design or even payment methods. Good localisation is imperative for good brand
image and few do it as well as the folks at Zendesk. Get ready to bring their latest
innovation to a new country and see if you can make it as well liked there as it is here!

First things first!

Before joining us, we have some requests!

bring a pen and paper and have your camera on

We will share the slides & information from the sessions 
in the folder below.


We love working with Teen-Turn girls. They even met our CEO, Mikkel!
They also made great use of our pool table during work experience :)

Pool Table at Zendesk

Who are we, anyway? Let us introduce ourselves before we meet you!
Sheeka Patak, Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk
Important links! 

We'll share links to extra information and materials below.

Webinar Recordings & Highlights Here

Great Women in Engineering History (2.02 min length)

Long before women engineers were considered something special, some amazing women were doing great things to pave the way. Although their contributions are sometimes unrecognised, women with a little ingenuity have always had the power to do great things. here

NASA’s first software engineer: Margaret Hamilton (5.09 min length)

The Apollo 11 moon landing was about the astronauts, mission control, software and hardware all working together as a seamless integrated system. None of which would have been possible without the contributions of one engineer: Margaret Hamilton. Who was this pioneer? Matt Porter and Margaret Hamilton detail how a woman and her team launched the software that took mankind to the Moon. here

Creating a Legacy for Women in Technology (11.18 min length) 

Cynthia Harbor draws from her years of experience working in technology combined with a rich family heritage as a Gullah/Geechie from South Carolina, to examine the challenges and opportunities for women in technology today. here

Books (Nice and inspiring read- but not required for this program) here

Who is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed 
to improve customer relationships. As employees, we encourage each 
other to grow and innovate. As a company, we roll up our sleeves to 
plant roots in the communities we call home.

People First at Zendesk

Empowering The Next Generation Of STEM Leaders

Chief customer officer at Zendesk talks “experience economy”.

Your Teen-Turn Lead Mentors this week: