Digital Footprint

MARCH 25 4.30pm-6pm
Cyber Security 

We're ready to bring the world of Cybersecurity to you!

First things first!

Before joining us, we have some requests!

bring a pen & paper to the session (we know, like, obvious)


arrive with your face — yes, please, have your video “on”

(it’s important for team building and developing rapport)

We will share the slides & information from the session 
in the folder below.

Digital Footprint 

This Digital Footprint Workshop will ask participants to find out a few things 
about each other (sort of a semi-structured treasure hunt style) and this activity 
will be linked with a discussion on how much information can be gathered via 
filling out "quizzes"  and similar online. They will be asked to Google someone 
they don't know and from that,  see how many things they can learn about that 
person. There will also be a discussion on the idea of consent in the digital 
world. Mentimeter will also be used to aid the activities.

Who are we, anyway? Let us introduce ourselves before we meet you!
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Who is LERO?

Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, brings together expert software teams from universities and institutes of technology across Ireland in a co-ordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus.

“Lero is ranked second among software research centres worldwide for citations.”

Lero’s research spans a wide range of application domains from driverless cars to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, govtech, smart communities, agtech and healthtech.

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