JUNE 29 
The Dell Ireland team is thrilled to teach you how to code this week!
First things first!

No need to prepare for these sessions. We will do the work together!

Curious? Check out HTML, CSS and React coding on


For the more advanced students, we’ll be able to work online using We’ll give you the information you need to register.

You can review the week's files in our folder below. 

We'll start with HTML before learning about CSS. 
And if you're already a pro, it'll get fancy, we promise.

STEM INSIDE Coding with Dell Folder

Did we mention that we love hosting Teen-Turn girls? We do!

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Who are we, anyway? Let us introduce our mentors before we meet you!

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And here are our core team who are also contributing this week!
Important links! 

We'll share links to extra information and materials below.

Recordings of our webinars this week can be watched here.

  1. – CocaCola & VMware
  2. – Robotics & Dell Technologies
  3. – Dubai Electric Water Authority – Creating a Smart City
  4. – Slide  – What is programming?
  5. – History and Evolution of Programming languages
What's the story with Dell?

Hear all about how and why we love working at Dell!

Recent News Article with Mentor Emma, in it!

Stuff we do with secondary school students!

And what about the STEM Inside Team? Why do they love their jobs?
Your Teen-Turn Lead Mentors this week: