26-28 MAY 
Career and guidance event for teens with details
on college, apprenticeships and more


There are many different routes and potential pathways for teenage girls to achieve a successful career.  It is important to discover and understand all of the different paths and options available to them at such a decisive point in their lives. On 27th, we held our first ever Career Pathways/CAO event to help girls and their parents scope out the different routes to a career as well as the supports available for 3rd level participation. The event featured talks about the CAO, technology careers, the potential of modern apprenticeships, and much more. There were also interactable booths with detailed information on different career paths, grants, and individual colleges. You can view some of the highlights of the day and hear some of the amazing speakers here:



Julie O Connor What to Consider When Deciding on a Future Career


Kirsten Lowe  – Student Support

Jane Reilly – Your Authentic Self

Donnchadh O Mahony – STEM Opportunities Inside and Outside the CAO System

Jessica McKeown – Apprenticeships in The Tech Industry

Aoife Long – Cybersecurity Opportunities 

Marie Gleeson – Career Pathways and STEM in the Navy

Brian Comerford -Support, Grants and Applying to SUSI/HEAR