Manufacturing the Future with MSD! – 3D printing, virtual reality and lots more!

MSD is a great place to work. We can't wait to share what we do with
you this week!
Forget what you think you know manufacturing to be, because we can 
assure you it’s much MUCH more exciting than you think! Over the years, 
technology has evolved and its now a really fun and innovative space to 
work in. Take 3D printing for example... 3D printing isn't just for toy 
boats (see #3DBenchy)! 3D Technology can prototype tissues and cells and 

MSD is bringing you into its European 3D Printing hub for an epic adventure 
in innovating for the future by putting your imagination to the test. After 
teaching you the steps for creating three dimensional products, including 
modelling, you will be given a design challenge. The best invention will be 
brought to life courtesy one of MSD's cutting-edge 3D printers.
First things first!

Before joining us, we have some requests!

We’re keeping it simple so you won’t need anything major for the week expect a pencil, some paper, a ruler or measuring tape and an inventive imagination!

We will share the slides & information from the sessions 
in the dropbox folder below.

Dropbox link for Manufacturing the Future with MSD

Did you know MSD and Teen-Turn have a special relationship! 
Watch here and maybe you might see some familiar faces :)
Who are we, anyway? 

Before we get started, let us introduce our presenters for the week!
We’d also like to introduce our core team of MSD Teen Turn Champions 
who have also contributed to the week!
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In the news:

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What’s it like to work in biopharma at MSD

And who is MSD? 

MSD is an American multinational pharmaceutical company and one of 
the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to 
helping people in need, we're committed to improving health and 
wellbeing around the world. 

In 2016, MSD celebrated its 125th anniversary as a global healthcare
leader.  We operate in 140 countries and have approximately 69,000 
employees worldwide. 

MSD Ireland is one of the country’s leading healthcare companies, 
having first established here over 50 years ago.

We currently employ approximately 2,700 employees, across six sites 
in Ballydine, Co Tipperary, Brinny, Co Cork, Carlow, Dunboyne, Co Meath 
and Dublin and, in addition, operate substantial Human Health and 
Animal Health.

Inventing for Life is what we do – meeting unmet medical needs and 
inventing solutions for healthcare issues.


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Your Teen-Turn Lead Mentors this week: